Monday, May 1, 2017

Our Weekend

What's up, May!
I'm trying to get a jump on things this Monday morning.  I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Ours was awesome.
 Friday night we had home made pizza, which I baked in the cast iron skillet.  Game changer!  It was delicious and I probably won't go back to a sheet pan.  We topped with fresh mozz, pep, vine ripened tomato, olives for K, and then baked it at 475 for around 20 minutes.  I topped with fresh basil.
Saturday evening we went out with friends for a birthday celebration.
Sunday we went to church downtown and then lunch at Juanita's.
EB went to the nursery and it was her first time in any sort of daycare environment...she did great! 
We ended the weekend with a family stroll around the 'hood.
That's a wrap!

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