Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My First Mother's Day

What a special weekend this was... I celebrated my first Mother's Day.
We spent Saturday evening celebrating with my mom, and Publix fried chicken!
I am trying to get more family photos with the three of us, my Aunt snapped this one which I love:
On Sunday, K cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast and tended to the babe while I lazed in bed until 8:30!
Midday, I took EB on a run with me-every single passerby wished me a Happy Mother's Day...  it was really sweet.  I saw so many dads with their kids on the greenway.  Moms #1 Wish= alone time!
Later I requested queso dip and a late afternoon beach stroll, so that's what we did.
Ok, Mom, enough pictures:
No really, ENOUGH PICS:
 I am going with "the ocean brought her to a zen place" here, but really I'm thinking Miss Thang is OVER.IT.
 After getting the baby bathed and in bed we had burgers on the grill.
We had half a pack of Hawaiian sweet rolls left from our family get together Saturday, so we did sliders and they were fantastic!  We also had grilled corn marinated in Italian salad dressing.
Then, K surprised me with a maid service!
I felt spoiled and loved and tremendously blessed to be given the gift of motherhood.
Thank you to my family and friends who made me feel special.
Love you all, and I hope you felt the same!

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