Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Humpity Hump

A week already since my last post?!
And I still haven't gotten around to EB's third month update.
And, by the way, she is now FOUR MONTHS.
So we had our 4 month appointment yesterday and baby girl got another round of vaccines.  I hate seeing bandaids on my baby's chunky thighs :(  But she really did well at her appointment and all looks great.  We were given the clear to introduce rice cereal and I will be trying that this afternoon once she's up from her nap.  I can't wait to see her reaction!
So let's see, this past weekend we had a night off, what what!  My parent's watched EB Friday night and it was the second sleepover she's had (the first was at 2 months for a family wedding).  It was SO NICE for K and I to have a night to ourselves.   I slept 8 hours straight!  But first we went out for dinner and a few drinks in Avondale.  We went back to Charles Towne Fermentory and tried a couple more of their beers, we enjoyed them all, would definitely recommend. 
On Saturday I picked up my girl and we decided to hit Costco for a pizza and a bottle of wine.  I completely blanked that it was the Saturday before Superbowl and it was CRAZY in there, like the line was creeping into the store.  Miss thang was NOT AMUSED.
Honestly I was really disappointed in the Take and Bake pizza.
All they had left was Cheese and so I added tomato and basil but it was still so bland.  Whomp whomp.
We spent Sunday chillin', getting ready for Valentine's Day:
That catches us up, I think.  
Kev is having guys night tonight so I am riding solo.
Annnnd I gotta run!

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