Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Humpity Hump

Hey y'all, just checking in with a lil' hump day post.
The weather here in Charleston has been fabulous lately, warm and breezy, with a few chillier days mixed in.  I am really enjoying leaving the doors to our patio open, and taking advantage of some flowers blooming in our front yard.  I was at Lowe's the other day and I started filling my buggy with plants and outdoor pillows and then realized it wasn't Spring...  
 Here's a recent outfit I really liked.  I realized when taking off this sweater that it had begun to unravel under my arm.  Boo!  
This past Saturday night I attended Our Lady of Mercy's annual Auction.  I came away with this Jonathan Green print, the one with the boat.  I love it! 
On Sunday we went downtown and strolled around the Broad St area.
We popped into Amen Street for our favorite appetizer ever.
 Then went over to my parents' house for an early dinner. 
 Ok, Corrine might be my favorite character on the Bachelor ever. She is so ridiculous!
 I'm off to unload the dishes before my sweet angel wakes up from her nap.
Hope y'all are having a good week!

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