Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Highfive

Happy Friday!  I hope your week was good.
Here's a highfive for getting through...

Little Valentines for EB's girlfriends.  In case you were wondering, I refer to my baby by her initials on the blog so that her name will not be "google-able" now or in the future.  You just never know these days...

Oh Alfie, ya killing me!  Between how loud he snores, his stink eye when he doesn't get to walk any further... pooch needs to cut me some slack!  It really feels like I have 2 babies sometimes.
Strong baby!
Avondale strolling, love that we live so close.   
 Interesting community meeting coming up this week:
I want this rug SO BAD for my kitchen, but it's $400 and I can't swing that.
It's taken me so long to find anything close to my vision, so flipping over the pricetag was painful on this one! 

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