Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Highfive

I've got a sink full of dishes and 2 baskets of (clean!) laundry to take care of, but I'm letting it go because baby girl is napping and momma wants to catch up!
So how is everything going with you?
I am doing pretty good, adjusting to the new normal and getting excited about the holidays.
Last night I got FIVE hours of uninterrupted sleep.  
So...Here's a highfive for that!
Last Saturday I had my first social day out since having EB, for my bestie Chels' baby shower!
Isabella will be here end of December and it was a lot of fun to celebrate!
Not gonna lie, it took me an hour or so to get in my social groove, I've been in newborn mode for 6 weeks.
I am getting our Christmas Cards ordered this weekend.
We are using a photo from the Bella Baby session that we had the day after EB was born.
I wasn't expecting much from these photos but we ended up loving and purchasing the package.
Here's one of my favorites, me and my girl. 10/4/16:
New mom essential: Microwave Sterilizer.
I want to do an entire post of "Fourth Trimester Must Haves".
We have a rehearsal dinner to attend in a couple of weeks and I am about to head out to try and find something to wear.  I may stop into Bashful after seeing Holy City Chic post about this dress:
Baby is crying so can only give ya 4 today!!
Have a great weekend!

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