Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Update

I am having a fantastic holiday season so far, I hope you are as well.
This year feels different, due in part to my new job, but also because last year we were in wedding withdrawal.  Not to mention that we're so recently revived and refreshed from vacation.
All around, it's a very good year.
Our weekend kicked off on Thursday,
 at the College of Charleston Alumni Holiday Party.
I just can't say enough good things about the evening.
This year's party was taken off campus,
 to Charleston Distilling Company on King Street.
It was a gorgeous venue, the drinks were flowing, 
the food was plentiful and delicious.
Not to mention there was a great range in ages, aka not a class of 2015 pre-game.
Several pictures from the event:


A little festive treat from Friday at work:
 That night we took it easy and spent time at a friend's house having a bonfire.
Nature's television:

Saturday morning I went down to the Cigar Factory for their "Cigar Bazaar".
It was a fun local vendor Holiday market.
I picked up a few stocking stuffers.
 We popped into Mercantile and Mash for a cappuccino. 
 And then stopped in this cool Mobile cigar lounge called "Southern Smoke".  I had to snap a pic for K because he is still in mourning over Club Habana's closing years ago.
Later that night we went our with our Supper club group to Vincent Chicco's.
I had high hopes for this place but it was terrible.  Not one good thing to say about the food or service so I won't say anything at all.
We didn't take any pictures at dinner so here you have a parking garage portrait.  What a bust.
On Sunday we went out for some Christmas shopping.
It was fun being out in the hustle and bustle.
K took a picture of his dream grill.
This thing is as big as our dining room table,
I'm sure our HOA would love it!
Sidenote: This photo is from a new Kitchen store in Mt. Pleasant called Kitchen and Company.
They had some great things and the prices are more reasonable than Southern Season.
SideSidenote: I had to have K paged in Dick's.  We were ships passing in the night for atleast 20 minutes and I was without a cell phone. 
Christmas came early for my little boo.  
He loves his new squirrel toy from Hairy Winston's.   
And for me.  I don't care if I look like I shop at Limited Too, I love my new pink poof.  It's breathing new life into my handbag. 
 That's a wrap on our weekend.  I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies last night, so fun!
What are y'all up to?
Fa la la

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  1. First, great photos at the alumni event! Second, our garage photo is amazing. Third, I laughed out loud about paging Kevin in Dicks- reminds me of weekly trips ANYWHERE with my mother as a frantically paging her of course, and her just saying oh I was wondering where you went. Ugh!


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