Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Weekend

Hi there,
I hope you all had a good weekend!
On Thursday I fiiiiiinally had my roots done.
Things were lookin' a little skunky over here...
Before that, I took selfie of a new dress I picked up from Belk several weeks ago.
The sleeves are open on the sides and I love the pattern for Fall. 
It's been beautiful out these last several days, the kind of weather that just makes you feel spontaneous.  So after my appointment on Thursday, in lieu of breakfast for dinner, we decided to go out to O'brions, a sports bar on James Island.  We usually just grab a drink there while waiting on Chinese takeout next door, but  recently I have discovered they make the most delicious buffalo chicken wrap:
On Friday night we stayed home and grilled out.
When we grill I set the table (cloth napkins, fancy!) and we light some candles and put on Sinatra Pandora.  
 Sometimes after dinner we'll dance and Alfie always barks at us.
That little boy wants to spin, too.
These are our favorite nights, which have been less frequent due to our condo's bylaws.
But (shhhhh) we do what we want!
Saturday we traveled to Brays Island for K's Family reunion. 
What a pretty area!
We could not escape the glaring sun, but hey, 
look at this dog y'all!
On Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday!
We had a couple beers at Taco Mamacita and then dinner at Obstinate Daughter on Sullivans.
I finished this book late Sunday night.
Lots of fun to read about local spots in fiction.
And that's a wrap on our weekend,
How was yours?

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