Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Rainy Weekend

I'm very thankful that we were completely unaffected by the rain.  I've been thinking so much about those who have not been as lucky.
I confess that I mostly kept thinking about all of the Charleston weddings and how they would cope with the Peninsula shut down on their big day.   
For whatever reason, that was on my mind a lot.
We, obviously, spent the weekend inside so there isn't much to report.  I did take a few pointless pictures, though!
Friday lunch:  Have y'all tried the Honey Sesame dressing at Chic Fil A?  I only mention it because I am very very picky about dressings (usually just a nice olive oil) but I really enjoyed this.  With diet lemonade, it's the perfect light lunch!

 I read this book over the weekend.  It's pretty heavy and haunting,
I really enjoyed it.   
Saturday we basically sat inside, drank mimosas, and watched football ALL DAY.
We had plans to grill out, or maybe go out, but we ended up with a frozen pizza on the couch.
Here is Kev's best friend Tim, he lives on the East Side downtown.
He sent us the picture early Saturday, which was really just the beginning.
So. Much. Rain.
On Sunday we went down the street to The Terrace Theatre to see The Martian.
Great movie!

Yesterday my work was closed, so I spent another day going stir crazy at home.
Happy to be back at work, dry, today!
How was your weekend?

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