Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Talk

Hello out there!
I hope everything has been going well recently.
We are zooming along over here, loving life!
We ended up having a little Fiesta for two on the porch last Tuesday for Cinco.
I was leery of the store bought queso but it was on sale and was actually pretty tasty.
Ok, Who remembers Wave Fest?  We saw this poster Friday night and it brought back memories.  
I was a little too young for Wave Fest but K said he went a couple times. 
Sidenote: Jump Little Children is playing at The Dockstreet this December and I am SO excited about it!

So how about the weather lately?  Friday was so dreary and rainy, but then it turned around and we had the most gorgeous skies for a late happy hour.  We ordered pizza from Paisano's on our way back from Gene's.
K and I both had to work Saturday, and Sunday was Mother's Day and no photos to show for that.
We had my family over for Brunch and it was a beautiful day!
I picked up this seasoning blend to try something new and it's great.  I used it in our burgers last night and they were delicious! It was the perfect way to get a little bacon flavor without, well, bacon!
On that note, here is our menu for the week:

What you got cookin'?

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