Monday, December 29, 2014

Quick Christmas Recap

How was everyone's Christmas?
Ours was very lovely!
On Christmas Eve we went to Mass at Nativity and then headed over the river and through the woods to my in-laws.  Typically on Christmas Eve, K's family hides the pickle and we hunt for it, you know the tradition... 
Well this year, K's dad took it to a whole new level.  
See the 9 step scavenger hunt below.   
Can you tell he's a civil engineer?  
I'm surprised he didn't hand us coordinates and a compass.
Oh oh!  I almost forgot!  We got my mom the sweetest kitten for Christmas.
She is only 6 weeks old and could not be cuter.  
I adopted her on Tuesday and she did very well with Alfie:
 Christmas morning!  This was an extra special Christmas because it was our first as husband and wife, and also because we got to relax at home all morning versus running from here to there.
It's nice to be with extended family, but our little family took top priority this year.
We did channel K's grandmother with her sausage strata. YUM.
 I was convinced that K was giving me a camera this year.  He had been hinting at it (mine is dying a slow death) and I just knew it.  Wrong!
He gave me a gorgeous leather jewelry box.
The gift was sweet, but the message sweeter:
  He said he hoped that this would be a jewelry box that our kids and grandkids would love looking through.  This was so much more sentimental than he even knew because some of my favorite memories of my Nana are from going through and trying on her costume jewelry (in a case so similar to this one). 
 Oh, and another surprise in the bottom drawer...
Later on we went around the corner to my parents for Christmas Dinner.
I had asked them not to give us anything so soon after the wedding, but they surprised us with the weekender from our registry.  I love it so much!
Also, this has got to be one of the best holiday cards I've ever seen: 
We reeeeally enjoyed the long lazy weekend I'm gonna be honest with you,
work sucks today.
Anyway, who's ready for 2015?


  1. One of my favorite memories is looking in my great grandmother and my grandmothers jewelry. Of course we could only play with the costume stuff!

    1. It was so fun! Hope you had a good Christmas :)

  2. How special !!! And I love the necklace.


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