Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miscellaneous Celebrations!

I can't believe that as of today it's been 3 weeks since Thanksgiving, 
that it's one week until Christmas, 
and that it's K's birthday, all in one!
Let's flashback to Thanksgiving, shall we?  
It was our last day in New York!
We started, as usual, with croissants and coffee before making our way to the Macy's Day Parade!
And y'all, it was snowing!
It was a magical New York morning...
Shameless ring selfie:
 It was awesome to see the parade in person! 
 We watched 5 or 6 floats and then decided to head back to the hotel to start getting things together.
 Ohhhh yeah!
We got all packed and decided to head back out and see what was open around the neighborhood.  K had wanted to visit this Belgian  Beer Cafe and they were open!  It was a really warm and inviting restaurant, perfect for a Thanksgiving drinky and snacky.
 When leaving the bar I noticed the window boxes had white kale flowers.  These made up a large part of my bouquet (though mine were smaller and much less leafy)!  
I just think they are the neatest things!
 One last stop into our favorite Bread and Butter for a black and white cookie, and it was back to the hotel!  
 We hung out there for about an hour before checking out and catching a cab to the airport for our 5pm flight home.
One last glimpse from our "home base":
 Home again, Home again!  
Savoring the memories with a tasty cookie, in my slippers from The Surrey.
It was a Thanksgiving for the books!
So wow!  Christmas is a week away!
A couple things...
Our Holiday cards are in the mail as of today.
Boom!  I will share them tomorrow.
Did anyone watch the Michael Buble Christmas Special last night?
Oh my gosh, Miss Piggy kills me.  Look at her little gold gloves!
We had our Investment Club Holiday Social on Tuesday.
One of the ladies hosted it at her house and she had these Analee dolls everywhere!
She told me that their faces are handpainted.
They were cracking me up.  I want to start collecting something holiday-ish, other than ornaments.
And most important of all:
Today is K's Birthday!!!
My whole world is brighter because of this man.
This picture below captures true, unfiltered joy on my face.  It's moments after being pronounced husband and wife, and I haven't stopped smiling since.
K, you are the man of my dreams and I love any excuse to celebrate you!

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