Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh Snap!

Just some snaps of the haps!
A Christmas gif!
I was so excited for a Girls night out a few weeks back. 
I put on my sassiest dress and we hit Barsa for some tapas before taking the town!
And, as predicted, we peaked a bit early and had the bars all to ourselves!
As well as the dance floor...
I think these djs were really enjoying the show. 
In hindsight it's not quite as cool, but we were very entertained by watching our shadows while dancing.
This year was my girl Abby and I's 5th Annual Cookie Decorating Extravaganza!
He was my favorite: 

We went to the Dockstreet Theatre and saw Annie, and it was so great! 
I 100% recommend.
We went as part of the Dinner and A Show package.

Tristan had the best service of any Charleston restaurant I have been to.
And I had my first Amuse-bouche!
I made a fudge cake (totally licked the beater) for a special birthday boy!
I know K is not going to like this photo,
 but it's the only one I got before the camera died!
What's been going on with y'all lately??

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