Friday, April 5, 2013

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

Well, let's hope for a little sunshine this weekend, huh?
Random thoughts galore for you today:

We are going to go to Cabaret Night tomorrow at the Woolfe Street Playhouse and grabbing dinner at Osteria la Bottiglia beforehand.  I've been really wanting to visit this place for a while now.  The prices are reasonable and it looks very "authentic".  And in that light, I have a feeling the reservation I made is more of a "Sure, we'll see you-a then, Ciao Bella!", than an "8 pm sharp pencilled you in".  
The Italians are a bit more relaxed, yes? 
I will offer 10% off for Hominy Girl readers!
 Annnnd here is a refreshing beverage that I'll recommend:
Another recommendation:
Both of these Sister Schubert Yeast Roll variations are delicious and absolutely perfect for weekend brunch!  I will occasionally splurge with these but be warned: once you start it's very hard to stop!

Good Luck to anyone bridge running this weekend.
Also, I finally filled my Receptionist position so I'm ready to celebrate a bit.

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