Thursday, September 7, 2017

Labor Day at Lake Lure

I wanted to share some photos from our long weekend at Lake Lure.  
This was EB's first vacation and it was so special...and SO NICE for this mom to have so many helping hands...I am missing them this week, for sure.
On Saturday we took a pontoon cruise around the lake, it was gorgeous! 

Later we watched the football games:

On Sunday we went into Asheville for the day to visit with some of my family who were also in town for the long weekend.  We met up with them at Wicked Weed Brewery.
The weather was perfect.
We stayed at the cabin "Dancing Falls", which I would 100% recommend.  
I hope to create and share a video montage of our trip soon!  Right now, all focus is on Hurricane Irma.
I have been scouring the web to try and find any info on how our beloved St. Barths faired, but it's not looking good.   
We may be headed back up to the mountains again this week, except this time I'm hoping we won't!
Stay safe, y'all.

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