Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Highfive

TGIF one and all!
 This week has been cah-razy at work.  I've been in training meetings all day every day and I'm so excited to be on to the weekend!
Here's a highfive for making it through the week!
My little stinky had his annual vaccines and check up at the vet last Saturday. 
I gave him extra rubs because he was such a good boy.  He loves to lay on his back and bask in his couch potato spoiled-ness.
Last weekend we tried out a new Thai restaurant on JI and all I can say is that it was not good.  It came recommended but I will never go back. Bad.
As is obvious, it's where the Cafe Kronic coffee bar used to be.
Wednesday night I volunteered at OLM's annual Golf Tournament at Briar's Creek.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and the event was such a success as usual. This year I was actually the bartender.  Luckily it was beer and wine only.  Cheesin' it up for ya:
Looking over the 9th green as the event wrapped:

Last, our community pool opens today and I'm hoping that our Sunday will be spent relaxing there.
Have a great weekend!

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