Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blah Blah Blog

So, not a whole lot happening around these parts recently...
Hence the sort of blah blog as of late.
Our nights consist typically of gym after work, Special Report with Brett Baier at 6, cooking dinner to eat around 7:30,
and then channel surfing or reading until bedtime around 10.
So there you have it!
Weekends have also been beautifully low key,
with not much to show for those either...
But I do have a few snaps of the haps!
This Tuesday was my investment club meeting.  After 3 years as part of the group, I feel like I am really understanding things, which is fantastic!
 I am going to visit my girl Abby in Philly this summer,
and I'm getting excited about it.  
I have never been and I can not wait for this view she posted from friend's rooftop:
My mom and I went consigning a couple weeks ago and I found this purse in the corner of a place on James Island that I can't remember the name!  I can't find online either but it's across from Gold's Gym and it had the neatest things!  I think this bag is Kate Spade circa 1998 but it's still in great condition and perfect for summer.  Ten dollars well spent!
And here's what's cooking at our house.
Every now and again we plan a mid-week date night for a little variety.
The baked fish we tried was Gorton's Smart and Crunchy filets.  
They were just glorified fishsticks, not complaining!
Friday, you're so close I can taste you!
(tastes like pepperoni)

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