Thursday, June 20, 2013

Special Spaghetti

I am a big fan of spaghetti.  It's easy and it just hits the spot for me.
K, on the other hand, likes something a little more special than your standard spaghetti.
Sometimes I'll use sweet italian sausage (the links cut up, not ground) and bowtie pasta.  Yum! 
Last night I got the hankering for spaghetti and decided to make my own meatballs instead of settling with the basic meat & sauce.
I combined ground turkey with italian style breadcrumbs and some garlic and olive oil.  I formed about 20 meatballs and baked at 350' for 20 minutes.

Please excuse my grimy pan...
Add tossed salad and warm bread and you have a special spaghetti dinner.
For some reason meatballs are just fun!  Maybe it's because they feel more like something you would order out.  I don't know. But it was delicious!

Do you have any spaghetti variations that make it more special?

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