Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy Weekend

I certainly love getting together with family and friends for parties/weddings/events.  But let me tell you, when I looked at my calendar last week and realized that we were approaching a weekend with nothing happening, I was thrilled. 
So, we went out for a bit of shuffleboard Friday night.
Saturday we hung around Hobcaw Yacht Club for a while, enjoying the sun on the dock, grilled our favorite & put on some football.
And Sunday was church then breakfast out, a lazy afternoon followed with a nice plate of pasta with chilled chenin blanc for din.

And I'm sure glad I soaked it all in, because by glancing at my planner this morning it might just be the last free weekend of 2012.
But I'm not complaining, because, like I said, we love to be around family and friends, and we love to have a good time.  A real good time...

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  1. those pictures are incredible. the child reunited with her mother really tore me up.


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