Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Luxuries

There comes a point at the beginning of each season that I must treat myself to something special...a little luxury if you will.  I'm not interested in spending much money, but it is important to bask in consumer pleasures every now and then.  With Fall's arrival right around the corner, I've created my wish-list and yesterday bought myself a little piece:
Everything about Burberry screams Fall to me, including the perfume.
In the interest of little luxuries, I've compiled a list of mini-splurges for your enjoyment! 
These are all items that I have come to realize bring a sense of leisure and delight to everyday life!
  • A good showerhead. 
  • Fresh flowers
  • A nice pen (Mont Blanc or a similar fountain pen)
  • Special Magazines (Wine Enthusiast, Town and Country, etc)
  • A decadent truffle from Godiva
  • Cloth napkins
  • Chanel lipgloss or nail polish
  • A silk bathrobe
  • Designer sunglass case (mine is Kate Spade)
  • A set of Riedel wine glasses
  • and of course, Designer Perfume
I love working in the Luxury Market, and I know that finer things make me happy.
By no means does money buy you happiness, but hopefully little luxuries will make your life richer!
I think this guy knows what I'm talking about:


I'd love to hear, what small splurge makes you happiest?

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