Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our Weekend

We had a standard low key weekend.  It was a chilly one so we stayed warm inside for the most part.  

Thursday night we brought dinner and spent time with baby Bella boo.  Look at these sweethearts!
Friday night we were able to steal away for a few hours and grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, Mondo's Delite.  We enjoyed the heaters on the patio as we waited for a table, and tried their new meatball bruschetta app.  DELISH!
Saturday= PJs all day for the little girl:
I roasted a chicken for dinner and baked some chocolate chip cookies.  It's rare that I cook them perfectly, but these turned out chewy with a buttery crunch.  All gone now.
 Sunday we hit up Costco for some perusing and a hotdog lunch.
It was a nice and easy winter weekend.
How was yours?

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