Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life Lately

This weekend was really great.  We spent time with family and friends.  
We ate good food.  
And we spent a decent amount of time doing nothing at all.
Win. Win. Win.
This past Friday night we had Paisano's for dinner.  They offer half priced pitchers with large specialty pies on Fridays so this is something we do fairly frequently.
Oh look, here I am at the table!
I am still getting used to my new hair.  It's completely transformed my look.  It has significantly cut my primping time, which is a welcome change for the new year.
Anyway, pizza night!
Saturday was the most gloriously lazy day.  I slow cooked a boston butt all day, which gave me the perfect excuse to stay cozy inside.  My friend Carrie came by and we had such a nice time just sitting and chatting.  It really made me nostalgic for the college days when that was how we spent so much of our social time...Watching tv together and doing nothing but hanging out.

Later that night we had dinner with my parents.
We had the delicious pork and I ordered macaroni and cheese from Publix.
I figured I'd share the Publix part because I was really happy with it.  
It was $15.00 for a large sheet pan and it really tasted great.  Nothing too fancy, but sometimes mac just tastes better when you don't have to cook it, am I right?  For that price it's something I'll consider for future holidays/celebrations.
I also made my favorite salad: spinach, berries, candied walnuts, and parm.
Sunday was an exciting day!   
My friend Kristina and I hosted our first focus group for our new business venture.  
A little over a year ago, we began discussing the idea of starting a business together.  It was right around the time I was knee deep in wedding planning and so we put it on hold.  Over the last several months we've been pulling ideas together and this past Sunday, we decided to present our work to a few trusted ladies to get general feedback.  It was an invigorating discussion and we both feel much steadier moving forward.  Realistically hoping to launch in December! 
We bribed our test subjects with cupcakes and champagne.  
(Pssst. Cupcake does BOGO during happy hour on certain Fridays.The black bottom is my favorite flavor.)
And that's it
It's nothing crazy, but we are just loving a low key lifestyle these days.
What's been going on with y'all?

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