Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bullets and Beer

File this under "Never Say Never".
So,This weekend I shot a gun for the first time.
After many (many) glasses of wine all around at Birthday dinner for K's sisters Friday night, it was decided that Sunday would be the perfect day for us all to meet in Awendaw for some good ole skeet shootin' fun!
True story: I thought skeet was a bird until I met K. 
It wasn't until I met K that I thought of hunting as anything but stereotypical redneck activity.
But, cue the hypocritical eye roll, I have come to love a man and his gun cabinet and his impressive collection of Jim Killen's sporting dog artwork.
And here I am, shootin' skeet y'all!  Yeeeeehoooo!
I have my seasoned marksman to thank for that incredible form.

I didn't hit a single thing.  I actually stood completely still and pulled the trigger aiming straight ahead.
But I didn't shoot anyone, so yay! 
Baby steps people. 
*I called this post "Bullets and Beer" because K's sister said she went to Walmart and bought "some bullets and some beer" which I found a delightful alliteration, albeit a somewhat dangerous combination.
Whatever, y'all, that's how we Party Down South

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