Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey Monday!

We had a very relaxing weekend, how was yours?
We rounded it out with "We're The Millers" and an evening family stroll (the only time of day that doesn't make me dizzy with heat) last night.
I am heading to Atlanta for work tomorrow morning and won't return until Friday, so I'm busy getting everything wrapped up and ready to go.  Here are a few thoughts!
Two tips for the grill:
Thyme!  We add it to ground beef for burgers and it brings in the greatest fresh taste.
This marinade:

It's buffayaki's brother!  Love this on chicken and shrimp.
And here is our first and only instagram pic: 

My favorite part is the hashtag thing. #blackandwhitebabes?
Sarah Dessen was my favorite author during high school.  I found this at a yard sale and ended up reading it over the weekend.  She's still got it!

 And ya know, this book took me back to the summers of my youth.  Endless days of reading and relaxing, and I just couldn't help but post this picture from the summer camp I used to attend,

Also to note, I ran the Ravenel Bridge last week and was not a fan.  I'll take my James Island County Park trails any day.   I wiped myself off and stopped at Rooftop to grab a drink with my girl.  Ahh, what a view!
I saw this new restaurant/bar open in South Windermere over the weekend, I'm hoping to check it out soon.  It looks great!

Well, that's all I've got for today, and probably the rest of the week.
Oh! & If anyone has any restaraunt recs in ATL, I'm all ears!  I'll be there Tues, Wed, Thurs nights.
Bring 'em on!

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