Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Cheese and Crackers" Chicken

This is a great weeknight recipe that turns out tasty everytime, and pairs well with just about any side.

You need:
Cheese of your choice (I'm using sharp cheddar)
A sleeve of Ritz

You want to crush the crackers into chunky breadcrumbs.  I used my blender, but a food processor would prob be best.  I like to grate my own cheese, but you can use the bagged kind just as well.

It's very simple.  You dip chicken in milk, then in cheese, then in crackers.  You want to really push the cheese and crackers into the chicken, and then poor the remaining over the chicken in your greased pan.  Bake, covered, at 400' for about 30 min, then remove foil for 5 additional minutes.  Done! And delicious!
I don't have a final photo but just imagine the cheese gets brown and everything is buttery from the Ritz.  I didn't say this was healthy!

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